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Mortgage Reviews

Hundreds of 5-Star Mortgage Reviews and Happy Families!

Joshua Lerette works hard for you.

Joshua was great at letting you know, what you needed and helping you get there. The closing was a little scary, a phone call to Josh fix the problem. Thanks Joshua

5-Stars Mortgage ReviewWilbert Henry - Homebuyer - Saint Petersburg, FL

He is very knowledgable in his field.

Joshua was a pleasure to work with in getting my first home purchase. He is very knowledgable in his field. He has no quit attitude which I can honestly say I admire because at times I just felt like quitting. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to purchase in the future.

5-Stars Mortgage ReviewVilma Munoz - Homebuyer - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Not Your Average Lender

Josh and his team went above and beyond for us. The process was as smooth as possible with our situation. I will definitely recommend his highly professional and friendly services to my friends and family!

5-Stars Mortgage ReviewXaphet - Homebuyer - Saint Petersburg, FL

A Deal Full of Surprises

Josh and his team picked up the pieces from another lenders disaster and got us to the finish line. Every obstacle that could get in the way got in the way but Josh and his team got it done and I am typing this from my new home. Thanks to Josh and the entire team. They explained the process well.

5-Stars Mortgage ReviewMarcus Pratt - Homebuyer - Seffner, FL

Amazing Lender

I am so thankful I had Josh. He helped me through a difficult issue with my finances and did a great job. I suggest everyone use Josh. He is diligent and will keep in constant contact with you. I am very blessed that a client of mine used Josh a couple of years ago. His communication is the best in the business!

5-Stars Mortgage ReviewMindy Artze - Homebuyer - Largo, FL

Josh is AMAZING. Talk about someone that is responsive and listens to your needs!

I was originally pre-qualified for a conventional loan through my out-of-state credit union when I had an offer accepted on my dream home. But, because they didn't take the time to understand my situation, my business (I am self-employed) and my needs, the underwriter denied my loan. I had two weeks left until I had to close! I could of easily lost the house. Thankfully, I found Josh. From day one he answered ALL of my questions and I ask A LOT. He was patient, hard working and truly has your best interest at heart. I would recommend him 100%

5-Stars Mortgage ReviewTeresa Mandala - Homebuyer - Saint Petersburg, FL



At Lerette Lending, we strive to provide each and every family with the care and attention you deserve with your home loan process. We believe in transparency, education, and constant communication to provide you with a seamless and effortless home loan process and our clients are our biggest supporters. Don't take our word for it, see for yourself from our raving fans below.



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Mortgage Reviews

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