About Lerette Lending

Lerette Lending, lead by mortgage industry veteran and expert Joshua Lerette, is dedicated to providing Florida families with the industry's best home loan rates and terms while providing a world-class experience.  We have simplified the home loan process to provide our clients with an easy and enjoyable home loan experience while offering home loan savings and money-saving strategies other lenders simply don't offer.

As mortgage brokers, with access to 100's of home loan institutions, it is my job to seek out the most competitive home loan terms and best programs to meet you and your family's home loan needs. Obtaining great home loan terms, quite frankly, is usually the easiest part of our job.

But more importantly, we provide our clients with the education and knowledge of all the little intricacies of the home loan process as well as a thorough breakdown of all home loan options and terms you qualify for showing you the true cost and savings of each individual program to assist you in making an educated decision on which home loan program and term will save you and your family the most money, not only short-term but also long-term, which is where many, if not most, of our competitors, fall short.

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Our Story

In 2003 Joshua went through the process of buying his first home and even in a time where obtaining a home loan was much easier than it is today, still found the process to be confusing and felt the communication throughout the process and what to expect was heavily lacking during his home buying experience. So a career in home loan origination was born with a mission to create an experience for families that not only is informative, but personalized and easy to understand while offering guidance on the best home loan terms to meet your family's needs.

We take a personalized approach to each and every home loan we assist our clients with. Our clients consistently see increased savings and money-saving strategies that other lenders simply don't offer.

- Joshua Lerette. Founder/Mortgage Advisor, Lerette Lending